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Introducing our First Day One Endeavor!

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

With The snow melting and the sun finally starting to peak out Christian and I were sad to see the ski season come to an end, however we’re also thankful for the opportunity to now work towards a new sport! While both of us grew up enjoying different outdoor hobbies neither of us have any experience with mountain biking hence why we thought it the perfect new skill to learn together! Did you catch that, our first Day One Challenge is… Mountain Biking! And we invite all of you to join in on the journey!

Over the course of the next couple months we are going to give our all in pursuing this new hobby. Whether you’re a mountain biker already or have 0 experience like us we invite all of you to participate in this cycling journey!

If mountain biking specifically doesn’t catch your interest then go for a regular ride around the block! Biking has proven to decrease stress levels, strengthen bones and improve joint mobility! And aside from all that its simply a great way to spend some time outdoors!

Story time! While I lack all mountain biking experience I do in fact have some biking experience… even if all it consists of was a barbie doll bike I grew out of at the age of 10. It’s true, even my biking experience is minimal; however some of my favorite childhood memories include that pink barbie doll bike. Growing up in a movie loving family, every Friday night we would all hop on our bicycles and ride to the nearest REDBOX where we picked a movie and of course each picked out a treat from inside the Maverick merely to add to the experience. I loved those Friday nights! What a great way to grow closer as a family and create the most fond memories!

Hopefully this story got your wheels turning (get it wheels… like bike wheels) as to how you can now make biking a part of your life.

As mentioned before me and Christian both have an equal lack of mountain biking experience. Non the less despite starting off on the exact same playing field, Christian is one of those people who seem to be naturally good at everything. So unfortunately for me, the reality is he may as well be considered a mountain biker already while I’m still working with training wheels… that’s unfortunate. Alright, to sum it all up we’re excited to share with you our experience and hope you’ll feel inspired to give it a try a long with us!

One Day or Day One, YOU DECIDE!

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