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Resolutions For The New Year!

It’s the second week of January, how’s everyone doing with their New Years resolutions?

We wanted to take a moment to share a few of ours with you! 

  1. Make Time for What we Love!  Don’t get me wrong, we had a fantastic 2023! For those of you who don’t know, we dove into the world of house flipping by completely remodling a 4500sqft house. Amid the whirlwind of renovations and real estate ventures, we found ourselves reluctantly setting aside cherished activities like mountain biking, backpacking and fishing. This experience served as a reminder that while meeting obligations is crucials, so is maintaining a sense of equilibrium. Our commitment for the upcoming year is to navigate our responsibilities with intentionality, ensuring that we carve out time, even if in small amounts, for the the pursuits that ignite our passion. By fostering a balanced approach, we believe we can not only meet our obligations but also savor the joy of what we love, creating a harmonious and fulfilling tapestry of experiences. 

2. Document our Adventures! We love getting out and making memories, we equally love going back and reflecting on those memories! However, the conflict between living in the moment and preserving it through photographs and videos is a recurring tug of war. Our goal for this year is to find balance in curating a collection of memories that not only enrich our lives in the present but also serve as timeless treasures to revisit and share in the years to come! 

3. Include Others in our Adventures! The joy of adventuring isn’t so much about what it is you’re doing but the people you do it with! Our overarching goal for the New Year centers around the joy derived from inclusivity in our adventures. We’ve resolved to extend invitations and open arms inviting others to join us in sharing laughter, challenges and triumphs and in making memories together! 

We’d love to hear about your goals for the new year, tag us on social media @dayone_supplyco!

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