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Unplanned Moments

I struggled to know what to write about this week. With the sun setting earlier, it's not uncommon to find ourselves yearning for the weekends as a chance to break free from the day-to-day routine. During the winter, Christian & I love to ski and prior to the winter I eagerly anticipated the opportunity to improve my skiing skills.  In my eagerness to master skiing this winter, I found myself disappointed by the lack of ideal conditions-more rain than snow, leaving the slopes either icy or slushy. The winter I had envisioned with crisp snow beneath my skis seemed elusive, putting me in somewhat of a funk. 

This week as I scrolled through my camera roll, I stumbled upon a video that helped shift my perspective. It was a clip from Christian and I's very first trip away together. We'd driven Malojloj (my motor home) to the Fillmore hot springs in Utah, where we'd planned a day hike to a beautiful waterfall. Despite our efforts, we never reached our intended destination, but it still turned out to be one of my favorite trips. We'd walked for miles along the river, crossed it.... multiple times and even bushwhacked our way through the wilderness. Eventually, we stumbled upon a quaint camping pullout. We spread out our lunches and basked in the sun. Although the journey didn't unfold as planned, it was filled with unexpected delights and laughter. 

The experience reminded me that having a vision is essential, but it should never overshadow the beauty of appreciating the present moment. Life's richness lies not just in achieving goals, but in the spontaneity of the journey.

As we navigate the twists and turns of life, it's crucial to embrace the unexpected, finding joy in the detours and surprises that come our way. Whether it's a change in plans or a deviation from the expected path, these moments often lead to unexpected delights and cherished memories. 

So, this winter, as the sun sets early and the weather doesn't align with our plans, let's remember that life's beauty lies in unplanned moments. Embrace the unexpected, find joy beyond the plan and cherish the memories that unfold when we least expect them. 

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