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Our mission is to empower youth in developing nations by helping them decide a Direction for their lives, then cultivate the confidence & Determination to reach their Destination.


Twice a year our volunteer groups are  sent to Nurturing Nations school in Kofikwei Ghana where the next 3 weeks are spent with the youth helping them develop a positive outlook on life & themselves. 

During the trip you'll help establish the mentorship program, art class and other projects being worked on at the school during the time. 

You'll participate in morning and evening devotionals as well as prepare to share object lessons and activities with the youth, filled with spiritual & uplifting messages.


As a bonus you'll also have the opportunity to experience some of Africa's magic & history by visitng the Elmina castle, canopy walks & sometimes even a special African safari tour! 

We need talented volunteers like you to help mentor the youth! 



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