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Day One is a lifestyle brand inspired by discovery & determination. Our mission is to inspire people to drive change in their lives by deciding to make today Day One and stop waiting for one day. 

The vision is to see Day One bring people together as a community. When you see someone wearing our logo, ask them what they're pursuing & share your own endeavors! You never know when that person may be experienced & have advise to offer. Or, on the flip side you may be the expert & have an opportunity to help them grow!  

Our names are Christian & Tyler Dayley, we're the founders of Day One. As a newly married couple in 2021 we were eager to start creating memories and adventuring together. It wasn't long before the natural atrocities of life got in the way. Our car's engine exploded, the power outlets didn't work and our jobs kept us working late and left us tired by the time we got home. Our goals and aspirations were no longer the priority. After anticipating learning to ski all year long we almost didn't even purchase ski passes with the mentality, "we'll do it next year (one day,) when we can more easily afford it." I think this mentality is one everyone can relate too. It's so easy to fall into the "One Day" trap!


"Theres always going to be a reason it's not the right time." This is a phrase I recall my Dad repeatedly saying throughout my childhood. He mostly used it when discussing business ideas & plans, but i've come to learn that it applies to everything! If theres always going to be a reason it's not the right time, then you have to decide to do it anyway. In other words, One Day or Day One? You Decide! 


To continue our story, we decided to get season ski passes and improve our skills. After having such a fun winter we new we needed to pick up a new hobby for the spring. Mountain Biking caught our interest so we took the leap and bought our first bikes. Since then, we've loved living a life of skiing, backpacking, mountain biking and adventure! There's so much more we look forward to learning and we hope that in sharing our experiences you'll feel inspired to pursue your own! 


We created Day One with a big vision in mind! Imagine a community that inspires, encourages and supports eachother in pursuing dreams & hobbies. We thank you for being part of our Day One family & contributing towards making this dream a reality. 


- Christian & Tyler Dayley 

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